This multi-purpose cashew milk (or cashew "mylk") has a mere 2 ingredients and doesn’t require straining. It’s creamy, rich and full of fibre, healthy fats and a touch of protein. If you have a blender, raw cashews and water, you can make it.  
Health Benefits of Cashews

Cashews are never purchased in the shell, as they contain a toxic oil called cardol. Cardol is related to poison ivy and burns the skin when touched. To get to the cashew nut free from this poisonous coating, the shells are roasted, which allows them to be cracked, exposing the inner shell. (I like my food with an element of danger.) The cashews endure one more light roasting to remove the inner shell. These cashews are then sold “raw.” If you buy roasted cashews, they're roasted a third time. 

The healthy fats and enzymes in raw cashews are minimally disturbed. However, if you purchase roasted cashews, the fats may be oxidized, compromising the health benefits. I always recommend buying raw nuts and seeds as to avoid rancid fats. Unlike roasted cashews, raw cashews are extremely versatile, as you'll see later on.    

Cashews contain protein, iron, potassium, zinc, copper, phosphorous and magnesium. The fat contained in cashews is over 80% heart-healthy, unsaturated fats. These healthy fats also help to moisturize skin from the inside out, which is necessary during these dry winter months.
The copper content in just ¼ cup of cashews is nearly 100% of your daily recommended intake. Copper is a trace mineral that has many important jobs in the body including iron uptake, bone and connective tissue development, blood vessel integrity and hair pigmentation. Copper, along with the enzyme superoxide dismutase, is necessary for energy production, and provides potent antioxidant support throughout the body. 

While only small amounts of copper are required in the diet, it’s still a very important mineral. Copper deficiency is linked to poor blood vessel flexibility, iron deficiency anemia, ruptured blood vessels, arthritis, increased LDL “bad” cholesterol, irregular heartbeat and more. If you take zinc supplements, this can cause a copper imbalance, so make sure to purchase a supplement that contains a balance of the two minerals. Supplementing with single nutrients can cause deficiencies of other nutrients, so proceed with caution if you take single-nutrient supplements. 

I made lasagna last week with cashew “ricotta cheese,” and just printed off this recipe for roasted garlic and herb cashew cream "cheese". You can also make raw cashews into sour cream, ice cream, frosting, parmesan and more. 

If you're going to make cashews into cheese or turn them into a creamy dessert or milk, they need to be purchased raw, not roasted. For the definitive guide everything you can make with raw cashews, Ani Phyo's Raw Food Essentials is a must-have.

Cashew nut milk is foolproof, as you don’t require a nut milk bag. Once soaked, they blend seamlessly into water, creating a creamy milk with minimal effort. If you’re looking for a milkfat percentage descriptive, I would say it’s about that of a 3.25% variety -very luxurious, without any dairy whatsoever! I’ve been adding this milk to smoothies, hot chocolate, splashing it on my oatmeal and drinking it straight up. I've also added it to homemade carrot soup, which was amazing. Play around with the add-ins and personalize it to you taste. 

I've even provided a recipe for chocolate cashew milk, if you're looking for a healthier alternative to Brown Cow. (Did anyone else grow up with Brown Cow syrup??)
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05/20/2014 12:20am

Brown Cow...Now that brings back memories of Saturday Mornings glasses of milk and/using it for "Fudge Sauce" over Ice Cream during our Summer Trailer Trips here there and everywhere across this amazing Country of ours and a bit of our equally beautiful neighbours across the Border and South of us too. Sigh...I miss those days. One of those things that as a kid you don't get just how special they were until you grow up and look back on them, know what I mean? Anyway...

I have got to give this a go. Have been wanting to try making Almond Milk, but it just seems to be a bit too complicated and time consuming to me, but this looks pretty easy to do. Plus, the best Hot Chocolate I have ever had, had Almond Milk in it, so if it was that good w/it...And Cashews just happen to be my very favourite nut....I really, really, really have to make some of this.

Soon. :o). Thanks for such a great place. Off to continue my browsing.... :o)


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